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Our Vision for Dinuba Unified Schools

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Our Tenets


...provides a variety of perspectives to develop pathways to our future.
...provides creative educational options to guide every student’s learning experiences.
...provides a community of support for the social, emotional, and physical well-being of all students and staff.
...provides a common purpose towards which everyone shares in preparing our students to become contributing citizens of a global society.
Building Character
...provides a foundation for responsibility, trustworthiness, respect, citizenship, fairness, and caring for all.
...provides an assurance for successful achievement through the acceptance of personal responsibility by all.


Budget Standards Committee Meetings

Dear Staff and Community Members:

The District has established a Budget Standards Committee to review and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding the projected $6,080,500 deficit for the 2010-11 fiscal year.  In planning for the 2010-11 year, at this time the district has made the following assumptions, which reflects the $6,080,500 deficit.  Should any of these assumptions change, it will alter the projected deficit figure.

2010-11 Budget Assumptions Resulting in Deficit Figure

  • Governor's budget proposal for K-12 education adopted by legislature as presented
  • Revenue limit ADA of 5,604 remains in 2009-10 and 2010-11
  • Step and column salary schedule adjustments included in 2010-11 preliminary budget
  • No increases in health benefit costs in 2010-11
  • No increase/decrease in supplies and materials
  • No increase/decrease in district Operation expenses (utilities, district insurance, legal fees, etc.)
  • All existing (2009-10) staff and programs remain the same in 2010-11
  • No increase/decrease in capital outlay expenses
  • Other outgo adjusted for long-term debt payment scheduled  for 2010-11


The Budget Standards Committee members are as follows:

Mary Villarreal, Trustee

Bev Keel-Worrell, Trustee

Dr. Joe Hernandez, Superintendent

Paul Rogers, Assistant Superintendent

Barbara Thiesen, Director of Instructional Services

Virginia Padilla, Fiscal Services Officer

Yolanda Valdez, DHS Principal

Gina Ramshaw, Lincoln Elementary Principal

Chris Peterson, DTA Representative

Sage Clark, CSEA Representative

Joe Morgan, Community Member

Rudy Lopez, Community Member

The committee will have its first meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at the District Office Board Room, which is located at 1327 E. El Monte Way.  Regular meetings will then be held each Monday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.  Staff members and community members are welcome to attend.  This committee will make a budget reduction recommendation to the Governing Board for final approval.


Emperors are Division III Valley Champs!

The Emperors claimed the Division III Valley Championship against the Porterville Panthers Friday night at Hebert Stadium in Dinuba. With a final score of 31-21 the Emperors scored all of the points they needed in the first half. Stiffling any Panther threats late in the game the Emperors got final possession with a 1:03 remaining and ran out the clock to end the season! Click here to watch the celebration. This may take a few seconds to load but it's worth it. GO EMPERORS!!!

Here some of the game STATS from the Fresno Bee

Check out these Photos of the Game from Darrel Wong of the Fresno Bee

Our Mission

"Empowering Each Student to Succeed in Life."

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Dinuba's Strategy Statement

In order to increase student achievement and close the gap, Dinuba Unified School District will implement a high quality instructional core that comes from the tight alignment of rigorous academic standards, high yield instructional strategies/practices, purposeful assessments and ongoing professional development.


 Welcome to Dinuba Unfied School District's NEW website.   Select your child's school from the School link and you wilI be taken to their school website. You will find links to school and district events from the calendar link as well as resources to help your child through the year. From the Staff link found on each site you can also navigate to your child's classroom.

If you are looking for information from our old site please click on this LINK as we make this transition.

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90/90/90 and Beyond by Douglas B. Reeves

High Performance in High Poverty Schools:90/90/90 and Beyond
By Douglas B. Reeves

This article provides a review of research in high poverty schools that have also demonstrated high academic performance. The term “90/90/90” was originally coined by the author in 1995 based on observations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where schools had been identified with the following characteristics: 90% or more of the students were eligible for free and reduced lunch, 90% of more of the students were members of ethnic minority groups, and 90% or more of the students met the district or state academic standards in reading or another area (Reeves, 2000).

Since that time, the term has been broadly applied to describe successful academic performance in schools with significant numbers of poor and minority students. Although the term has been widely used and the techniques have been frequently replicated, the suggestion that effective teaching practices can mitigate the impact of poverty remains controversial. After a review of the original research and subsequent replication of it, the article considers some of these controversies in light of the continuing evidence that, while economic deprivation clearly affects student achievement, demographic characteristics do not determine academic performance.

The evidence that follows makes clear that inappropriate commercial use of the term “90/90/90” is not supported by the research and should be challenged. There is no such thing as a proprietary 90/90/90 system nor are the methods employed by successful high-poverty schools the copyrighted property of any consultant, conference, or author. The practices are mundane, inexpensive, and most importantly, replicable. Finally, this article includes new research that
suggests that consistent application of the 90/90/90 techniques holds promise for improving student achievement and closing the equity gap in schools of any demographic description.

Click this link to download and read the whole article by Doug Reeves.

High Performance in High Poverty Schools: 90/90/90 and Beyond By Douglas B. Reeves

Did You Know?

Take a step into the world of tomorrow right now. Some exciting, yet alarming statistics on the world of technology, education, and the information that envelopes all of us, but more importantly that is a part of our children's day-to-day lives and their future. UPDATED!!!

Click here for the Newest Version (v5) from April of 2009

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